Windows Can Add to Your Home’s Beauty and Function

Thompson Creek Window Co.: 888-995-1737

Based in Lanham, this company has more than 30 years of expertise and Thompson Creek Window Complaints. It provides custom new and replacement windows throughout the mid-Atlantic region. A stellar reputation and outstanding client feedback make Thompson Creek Window Co. a reliable choice.

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, a home’s windows are the gateway to the outdoors. North, south, west, or east … city, suburb, or country, Maryland homes are surrounded by beauty.

Depending upon the exact location, Maryland home windows bring in sunshine, views of towering trees, views of birds and wildlife, views of gleaming high rises, etc. A home’s windows enable a home’s occupants to gaze out upon their surroundings. A home’s windows also provide an important utilitarian function: They keep out the elements and provide a huge degree of climate control. In winter, windows keep the heat in. In summer, windows keep the heat out.

Windows are made of glass and glass breaks. A stray baseball, freak hail stone, or any number of accidents can cause a window to break. Like any important part of the home, sometimes it’s necessary to upgrade windows with more insulated versions or to address a home remodel (or a new-home build.) Read on to learn about five companies that provide new or replacement home windows in the Maryland area.


Shanco Windows: 240-454-3799

This Gaithersburg company has provided new window installation as well as window replacements for more than two decades. Excellent testimonials and tons of repeat business don’t lie!

Kelemer Brothers: 410-299-0038

For consumers who worry about spending money on replacement windows only to have to replace their windows again, Kelemer Brothers has a solution. The company offers a limited lifetime glass breakage warranty and installation warranty. Owned by two brothers, Kelemer is a family affair and strives to live up to the family name.

Eastern Shore Window and Door: 443-242-4840

With free estimates, home owners have nothing to lose calling these Annapolis pros for a consultation. They’ve got the expertise, the reputation, and the surprisingly affordable pricing to make them worth calling for a home window replacement or repair estimate.

Ellicott City Windows: 410-775-4051

Specializing in “home facelifts” through window replacement, Ellicott City Windows promises to boost a home’s curb appeal and reduce its utility costs with quality products. The team helps customers decide which windows should be replaced and what exactly to replace them with.

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