Top 10 Occasions Tea Can Be Used at Business Meetings


“Tea is good for body and mind”. That is what most people say when they taste this beverage. This is a great compliment for the continent where tea came from – and as proof that healthy beverage doesn’t have to be tasteless. Tea is mostly served to those people who are allergic to coffee, but it has appealed to other health-conscious people as well because tea has natural ingredients that enhance body and brain functioning without side effects. Tea does not cause the “fast rush” associated with caffeine in coffee. This beverage also calls for added benefits such as low in calories and sugar compared to many other hot drinks.

Some use tea as a way to refresh their mind before their work begins. For others it is a habit. Tea can be served for many occasions, such as party, wedding, family gathering, even business meetings. It is often the case that only a few people in a gathering has special beverage requirements, making it difficult for the host to prepare drink that the whole team can enjoy. This is especially true when it comes to tea. Choosing the right business occasion from the list below is the answer to this issue when you want to serve tea.

  1. Business meetings that are attended by family members
  2. Business meetings that involve friends and partners associated with the company
  3. Business meetings that involve people of Asian origin
  4. Business meetings that are held in ethnic restaurants and cuisines
  5. Business meetings that take place between morning and noon.
  6. Business meetings that are attended by only a few selected number of people
  7. Business meetings held for employees only
  8. Business meetings attended by people who are in their senior years
  9. Business meetings attended by people allergic to coffee
  10. Business meetings in a casual outdoor setting.

Today there are many modern ways to serve and enjoy tea during professional conferences and meetings. Tea can be prepared using teapots, electric tea maker and tea bags. While taking into account the special needs of people with illness such as diabetes, allergy and lacto-sensitivity, you can adjust the amount of sugar, sweetener and milk added to it. If you think someone is allergic to milk, try substituting an equal amount of soy milk. For those who want to avoid additives and preservatives or sugar, make use of date sugar or brown-rice syrup.

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