Top 10 Different Beverages for Hosting Business Clients


When it comes to 10 different beverages for hosting business clients, the biggest challenge is making access to the drinks both easy and fast. According to proven advice from the famed Chef Julia Child, hosting a dinner party for business purposes is all about “having food that compliments the beverages;” while also considering the glasses and tableware needed to present a “class act.” In turn, Chef Child said a drink focused dinner party always means having a generous supply of various types of beverages that guests will enjoy.

Another aspect of choosing 10 top beverages for a business gathering is linked to having a mix of both alcohol and non-alcohol drinks on hand. For instance, it is best to stock the bar with the four main alcohol spirits: bourbon, vodka, gin and scotch. Still, there should also be a focus on having a mix of wines and beers, as well as fizzy drink offerings.

10 different beverages for business parties

According to both Chef Child and other catering experts, the 10 best drinks to have on offer during a business focused party or event include:

– 1. A fully stocked bar with a mix of spirits.

– 2. A selection of bottled beer being chilled in a cooler or on ice in a decorative serving bowl. The beer on offer should include a mix of trendy micro-brews since business people seem to get a kick out of local or regional brews.

– 3. A mix of wines, including white, reds and other varietals.

– 4. Champagne for various toasts.

– 5. Sparking water such as San Pellegrino with lemon and lime wedges.

– 6. Soda in a wide range of brands and flavors.

– 7. Bottled still water.

– 8. Coffee and tea.

– 9. Fresh juice from various fruits, including orange, tomato, grapefruit and cranberry.

– 10. Fully shaken and not stirred martinis ready to be served in a pitcher.

In general, there is a popular catering party list that features each beverage on this list of the top 10. While a typical business event will not require all 10 of these beverage types, there is a view that it is always best to cover your bases because someone important may just ask for something you forgot or figured it is not needed. Thus, the best advice is to cover all 10 of these business party beverages just in case.

Overall, the 10 best different beverages one should serve when hosting business clients is always about common sense.

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