Resources for people looking to help those with disabilities

For those with disabilities or looking to help those who are and struggle to find a job, there are many companies and resources which can help. When it comes to describing the ideal workplace in that case, work flexibility, openness, and inclusiveness usually rank at the top of the list. SourceAmerica is one group that works closely with both employers and those with disabilities to ensure that everyone wins out with quality, enjoyable work. Also, listed below are ways to find companies and professions that have shown a commitment to full inclusiveness.


SourceAmerica is an AbilityOne Authorized Enterprise. Its mission is to create both employment opportunities and choices for people with significant disabilities. Their work includes both direct advocacy to help people find work that meets their wants and needs, and also larger policy-level changes across the United States to ensure that the laws, public policy, and leadership keep all people in mind. They also train grassroots advocates who can articulate and demonstrate their own stories to policy leaders and the broader community, to clearly show the many benefits of their mission.

National Organization on Disability

The National Organization on Disability (NOD) is a private non-profit that promotes participation and workplace inclusion for all 57 million people with disabilities in America. They focus heavily on ensuring that the 80 percent of working-age Americans with disabilities discover the ability to join the workforce and also evaluate corporations on disability policies and offer resources to help them become more inclusive. Their Disability Employment Tracker is a great way to find companies that offer flexible locations, scheduling, and other arrangements for their disabled workers. One of their primary goals is to demonstrate that hiring those with disabilities is not charity, but sound business sense.

Specialized Professionals

Many professionals specialize in mobility, speech, and other therapies which can help people transition into the workforce or anywhere else they want to go.
Physical Therapists

Physical therapists often work with patients suffering cerebral palsy and other mobility-reducing disorders to increase mobility, and decrease pain and soreness caused by the disease.

Clinical Social Workers

Clinical social workers help their patients coordinate doctor care, family care, and find additional benefits and services they may be eligible for.
Speech Therapists

Speech therapists

Speech therapists help patients to speak and use their vocal skills, and many can also teach sign language as an alternative to vocalization.

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