Good Food Choices For Client Entertaining


When entertaining business clients there are different foods that one can use for entertaining. The best foods that will be chosen all depend on the time of the day that the event will be going on.


If a person is going to be entertaining a client in the morning, than the best thing to do is to have a large variety of breakfast foods that can be easily grabbed. Things such as doughnuts, pastries, and breakfast sandwiches are a great idea. Of course when it comes to drinks, coffee would be the number one drink of choice. Different selections of tea are also nice to have, and to finish things off a large selection of fruit and granola bars for the health conscience individuals is always good.


For afternoon entertaining, there are really many choices that an person could choose from to entertain their clients. It is always nice to have food that is not messy and easy to grab. Things such as, sandwiches with a variety of meats, ready made salads, drinks in individual cups, a dessert platter, a fruit platter and a vegetable platter. These are things that are tasty, quick and easy.


When entertaining clients in the evening, it really depends on what type of occasion it is, if it is going to be an occasion with a sit down dinner, then something like a main meat dish, salad, bread, and a dessert would be appropriate. The drinks really depend on the occasion. If the occasion allows, wine and other alcoholic beverages can be appropriate, if not things like soft drinks, juices, and waters are acceptable.

If it is more of a meet and greet evening event, than different salty and sweet appetizers along with drinks and desserts would be more appropriate. These are foods that the clients can eat quickly as they are talking and they do not require them to sit down for a meal.

There are many different ways that a client can be entertained with food. Really the options abound, and the suggestions presented in this article where only a few out of the thousands of food choices that are possible. Entertaining a client does not have to be stressful as long as a person plans thing out well in advance.

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